Autumn in Sydney

April 27, 2013 — 2 Comments

I was looking through some of my old photos from a recent trip to Sydney and decided to post some of the pics.

I was there during autumn, one of the best times of year in Sydney, especially when you’re anywhere near the water – you can spend most of the day in the sun and not burn to a crisp.

A friend was up from Melbourne for a couple of days and wanted to see the harbour so we went and took a ferry from Manly to the city.

As is the case you always forget to take advantage of what’s right on your doorstep, I hadn’t used the ferry in years, and was blown away once again by the spectacular nature of Sydney Harbour.

I must admit, it made me just a little nostalgic.

North Steyne

Manly Beach

Waiting for the ferry

Manly Ferry

Sailing near the heads

Sydney Harbour on approach

You can make out the tiny island once used as a prison – aptly named ‘pinch-gut’

The Opera House

The Opera House

Circular Quay Station

The busy Circular Quay

Museum of Contemporary Art

The lower walkway to the Opera House

The view from one of my favourite restaurants


The East Village is where I’ve spent the majority of my time in NYC, and while my more conservative angels would prefer to move to the relaxed Upper West or East Side, the East Village is home for now – despite the rubbish and the many nutters, it manages to slowly trap you with its wily charms.

I’ve posted before about some of my favourite places to eat in the neighbourhood, I haven’t found anymore gems, but thankfully I did find another great coffee spot.

As these pictures hopefully illustrate, much of the East Village’s charm lies in its eclectic architecture, however for me I think it’s the fact there is no one ‘typical’ resident, and the way everyone is accepted in spite of their perceived threat or psychosis, stemming from what I perceive to be a strong parochial tie and sense of ownership.

When you walk into a new block you can be presented with a quiet suburban street housing a colourful cow, a row of five or six Japanese, Indian, or Ukrainian restaurants dotted among colourful residential buildings, a strip of bars, a school – it’s a fantastic part of town to just walk around with a camera.

You may need to dodge the odd high hipster, drunk NYU student, food delivery bicycle – one evening I ended up in between an old lady wildly swinging her walking stick trying to belt some guy who’d accused her of stealing – but invariably the most life threatening aspect of East Village are the cab drivers.

The pizza place in the picture below is not bad if you’re hungry and like thick pizza, some of my good friends have developed an addiction so this has become a regular haunt.

Hopefully by early next month I’ll have a kitchen again and will be able to start some proper food posts – either that or I’m going to have to start a book on finding a place to live in NYC!

East 12th Street

2nd Ave Pizza

East 11th Public Baths, now a photography studio

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Whenever I take pics in a big city, I like to look for the things that stand out to me, things I associate with the city, the ubiquitous things that don’t show up on the bus tours

But it’s pretty hard not to take some touristy shots while you’re in NYC

A hazy Freedom Tower

Manhattan from Brooklyn

A very cold Central Park

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Still working on finding a new place, so here’s some more happy snaps, this time from Williamsburg.

By all accounts, this used to be a very dodgy neighbourhood – now it’s filled with dodgy beards, tattoos, Australians, and developers.

It’s also home to some pretty good coffee, shoe stores, and micro brewery’s, but the Burg is far from a cheap neighbourhood – housing and rental prices now mirror Manhattan.

I haven’t eaten at a lot of places there but I have visited the well known Meatball Shop and Peters, as well as a couple of small restaurants, but nothing amazing as yet!

I’ll just keep going for the coffee…

Williamsburg Bridge

North Williamsburg cherry farm


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It’s good to be back in New York, however for the time being I’m kitchen-less again.

I haven’t been out to many food places as yet, so to at least keep the blogging discipline in tact I thought I’d post some happy snaps of Chelsea and the Meatpacking District.

With any luck I’ll be moving to a new place in a couple of weeks and will be able to recommence cooking and start some experimenting.

Have a great week!

Chelsea Piers

Chelsea from the High LIne

NYC Cabs – beware crossing the street

Meatpacking District

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Abiento Sydney

March 12, 2013 — Leave a comment

In a few days I’m leaving Sydney’s summer again and heading back to New York for a year or so…emphasis on the ‘or so’…and I thought I’d post something a little nostalgic, (mostly for me to tap into on those bitterly cold days), namely some of my favourite summer eating places around Sydney.

Ash’s Table Manly

Ash’s Table is a busy cafe that sits in between the corso at Manly and North Steyne (where you go to avoid the tourists).

I often head down there mid morning to clear my head, grab a take away coffee, and enjoy views like this.

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P1010242It’s the weekend, you’re feeling a bit lazy, you have a few bits and pieces in the fridge, and a couple of beers…how hard can it be to make sausage rolls?

Not that easy apparently

If you want the really easy option just buy some sausages, take off the casings, and wrap them up in some pastry – but then you would miss out on the curiously satisfying sensation of plunging your hands into a messy combination of pork mince, herbs, and egg…maybe that’s just me Continue Reading…

Almond Banana and CocunutThis cake was a bit of an ad hoc experiment that surprisingly turned out well…after three failed attempts

I think it stemmed in part from my penchant for banana bread and probably from me being bored one afternoon and finding most of these ingredients in the pantry

The banana and almond flavours are quite subtle and it’s a sweet cake that ends up with a slightly chewy but soft shell

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and eating….

February 2, 2013 — 3 Comments

It’s probably unsurprising given my last post I’ve been craving some home cooking and something healthy, and thankfully I’ve managed to find a couple of places that serve up my kind of home-style food.

Bond Street is one of my favourite streets in NYC, I think it’s the architecture and cobble stones, but the restaurants and retail stores help – if I had a spare coupla million bucks I’d move there in a flash.

Bond Street2

Bond Street NYC

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So in light of still not having a kitchen yet, but nevertheless feeling guilty for not keeping the posts up, I’ve decided to post some of my favorite food places here in New York to date – obviously far from a comprehensive list and I intend to attempt to try every great place in all of the boroughs, but for now, these are some of my regulars.

Don’t judge me for my lack of healthy options though, I’m just attempting to blend in!


Fresco Gelateria

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