Roasted Red Pepper (Capsicum) Sauce

March 9, 2012 — Leave a comment

Sydney has been awash this week, it’s been cold and we’ve had non-stop rain and flash floods – some more hearty food has been in order!  I wasn’t ready to break out the risotto or goulash just yet, so I went for another old faithful.

For the last six months or so I’ve been experimenting with different kinds of sauces, some are still in the refinement process, (they’ll be ready for winter), but this roasted red pepper or capsicum for the Aussies (alliteration wins in this case) is absolute gold!

I usually have it with some pan-roasted chicken, field mushrooms, and steamed asparagus, but would probably make a good dipping sauce at a BBQ (especially with some chorizo), and if you threw in a couple of tomatoes I think it would also make a decent pasta sauce, say for some gnocchi.  This is a mild version, it can definitely stand some more chilli if you like it hot.


2x eschalots

2x large red capsicums

2x cloves garlic

Good extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil

1x tsp chilli powder

2x tsp smoked paprika

1x cup chicken consommé stock


Pre heat tray in a 200 degrees Celsius (392 F) oven

Lightly drizzle the capsicum with olive oil and cook for approx 20 mins, or until skins have blackened and start to separate (turn them at ten mins)

Remove and place in a bowl and cover for ten to fifteen mins

Remove skins, seeds, roughly chop

Sauté diced eschalot and crushed garlic in small saucepan with olive oil and butter, do not burn – lightly season

Add chilli and paprika, combine, adding more oil if needed

Add capsicum, stir through

Add stock, bring to boil and reduce by at least half (I usually stop at around a quarter)

If you’re having it with chicken I also deglaze the pan with some stock and add to the sauce, and I also add the juices from resting the chicken

Remove from heat and blitz (as with soups, some sort of fantastic reaction that I can’t explain happens when you blitz!)

Taste to see if needs any more seasoning

Place through a strainer and transfer to however you want to serve it


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