Blueberry Sauce

March 14, 2012 — Leave a comment

So I was up at my local shops today and was presented with some nice pork chops and fresh blueberries…pork and blueberries…pork and blueberries…pork and blueberries?  When I first saw a recipe for this I was far from convinced, but much to my surprise, as a combination it works beautifully – I guess I could keep going with the sauce theme instead of waiting for winter.

If you don’t like getting your hands dirty when you eat, you can always make this with tenderloins, (big fan of honey-soy tenderloins), and while I’ve never had it with lamb, I reckon it might go ok with it too.

Speaking of pork combinations, in a couple of weeks some Brazilian friends are going to cook up some slow-roasted lime and salted pork which they swear by, might try and post some pics if I can.

A warning however, do not wear white when you cook this, it’s probably best to wear an apron too, the sauce is a bit like dealing with beetroot.  If you use a wooden spoon, it’ll probably take on a blue hue for the rest of its life.


500g pork tenderloins or four chops

1x medium brown onion

1 & 1/2 cup blueberries

1/4 cup port

2x tbsp balsamic vinegar

1x tbsp brown sugar

1x cup chicken stock

Butter + extra virgin olive oil


Sauté onion in some butter and oil, season, cook till golden – don’t burn

Add stock, port, balsamic and berries, bring to boil and reduce by half  (it will begin to take on the consistency of molasses)

Stir through a good knob of butter

Blitz and strain (you don’t need to blitz it, I like to extract the last bit of flavour)

I usually have this with some beans, potatoes, and a beer – a glass of Merlot or good German Riesling would be nice too.


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