Pan roasted chicken breast

April 20, 2012 — Leave a comment

I have two assignments due this week which isn’t necessarily conducive to healthy eating as I attempt to meet both deadlines

With classes on at night, lunch too comes under pressure

Add to that the creeping in of cooler weather and the odd flash-flood here in Sydney, I resorted to an old faithful

I’ve made this many, many times, it’s quick to make, and (after having used up all of my eloquence on an essay) tastes great

It’s kind of like a short-cut version of a roast dinner


2x chicken breasts

1x eschalot

3x cloves garlic

1x tsp smoked paprika

2x tsp of dried oregano (or any herb you like really)

1x cup premium chicken stock (tip: if you have left over stock pour it into an ice tray, freeze it, and store in a zip-lock bag – one ice tray fits about 1x cup)

Butter + olive oil

Vegetables of choice


Preheat oven to 175 degrees Celsius (347F)

Roughly peel garlic and halve onion (it’s fine if the skin is still on)

Put oil (about 1 and a half tbs) a knob of butter into a cold oven-proof pan and set to high heat

Add paprika, herbs, onion, and garlic to the oil and a pinch of salt

Season then sear chicken on all sides

Place in oven for 7 mins, turn (baste if you use more oil), 6 mins

Rest chicken

Put pan on med-high heat, deglaze with chicken stock and reduce till it just starts to thicken

Dont waste the juices from the chicken resting, throw that in as well

Just before taking off the heat add in a good knob of butter

Pour reduction through a sieve and serve

Total Time: 30 mins

Feeds: 2


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