Roast chicken with prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, and sage

May 4, 2012 — 2 Comments

Pretty sure I based this on a Jamie Oliver recipe I saw on tele ages ago, but I consulted Dr Google to no avail

I used to cook this with just the chicken, tomatoes, and sage – it was still pretty good, but whenever I occasionally ended up with a bland batch of tomatoes the dish ended up lacking somewhat

So I tried it with prosciutto the other day and (third person aside) we had a win…

For me the key to this is the sauce – the tomato and sage infuse with the oil making it extremely ‘buttery bread dunk-worthy’


3x chicken breasts, about600-650g (I think Jamie used thigh fillets, but I find them a little too fatty and this already has a healthy serve of extra virgin olive oil as it is)

2-3x potatoes, about 300g

Cherry tomatoes on the vine, about 700-750g (the vine helps with flavour) (its nice to use a few different types of smaller tomatoes if you can get them)

About 10x fresh and good-sized torn sage leaves (you want to be able to just taste the sage but not have it overpower everything else, should be an even coverage across your baking dish)

4x thin slices of prosciutto (don’t go overboard or it will end up too salty)

1/4 cup of chicken stock

Extra virgin olive oil (as much as you like but at least 3x tbs)



Preheat oven to 200 degrees

Cut chicken into large pieces (not too small otherwise it will toughen up in the oven)

Season and brown chicken in oil and butter, take one of the bunches of sage and brush the oil and butter over the chicken while cooking

Then place in baking dish (same dish if stove top and oven safe)

If you’re using a fry pan deglaze with the chicken stock to lift everything off the bottom of the pan, and pour it into the baking dish

Chop up and boil potatoes for 10 mins (longer if larger pieces)

Cut a small cross on all of the tomatoes with a paring knife while potatoes are boiling

Take potatoes off heat and carefully put in the tomatoes and cover for approx 1 min

Strain and put the potato with the chicken

Remove the skin from the tomatoes and add to the baking dish (unless you have asbestos fingers you will need to let them cool a little first)

Some of the tomatoes will keep their shape, a handful won’t, just squash those as you put them into the dish, it will help with the sauce

Add sage, and your sage stalks, liberally cover with oil (stock if you didn’t use a fry pan)

Using your hands mix ingredients

Cover with foil or lid and cook for 25 mins

Stir, then cook for another 15-20 min

Season to taste, remove tomato vine and sage stalks

Serve with crusty bread and a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc or Zinfandel

Total Time: about 1hour 10 mins

Feeds: 4


2 responses to Roast chicken with prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, and sage


    Cam you recommend a spaghetti bolonais?

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