June 1, 2012 — 4 Comments

This Goulash typifies comfort food to me and is up the top of my all-time list

It’s a great dish for any season, but a perfect one on the first day of winter!


800g chuck steak (can use blade, I often make this with pork neck)

1 & a half tbsp smoked paprika (can use sweet)

1x large brown onion

3x cloves garlic

2x tbsp tomato paste

2-3 field mushrooms

2x tbsp sour cream (lite is ok too)

Handful parsley (European)

2x cups beef stock consommé

Butter + olive oil


Trim excess fat, cut into strips or chunks and season

Brown off meat in batches, set aside and cover (if you’re using a separate pan for the Goulash, use a little of the stock to deglaze and pour over the meat)

Cut onion into thin strips

Put into pot with butter and oil, pinch of salt (stops burning) and coat

Put in paprika, add more oil and some of the stock to make a paste, cook until can smell the paprika approx 1-2 mins

Dilute tomato paste in some warm water

Add remaining stock, tomato paste, meat, and season

Bring to boil then simmer for two hours

Add in roughly chopped mushrooms (You don’t necessarily need to add the mushrooms, but I think they add depth to the overall flavour)

Cook for another hour, letting sauce reduce and thicken

Place sour cream in a small mixing bowl and add warm water to make into liquid paste (it helps reduce a little of the splitting but once you start eating you’ll forget about that)

Just before serving add sour cream and parsley

Serve with potato, mashed potato, or fusilli pasta and crusty bread

Total Time: 3 and a half hours

Feeds: Four


4 responses to Goulash


    Hello Mike, I have pinged your Goulash recipe (one of the best I’ve seen) in my post:


    Thanks, 🙂

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