Chicken Chorizo Soup

June 29, 2012 — Leave a comment

This Chicken Chorizo soup sits between a few different continents but if you like a bit of spice and a bit of weight to your soups, you’ll probably overlook the contradictions!

Consulting Dr Google, I didn’t realise how many different versions of Chorizo there are – I can’t say I’ve tried all of these, but have concluded the spicy works better than the smokey, especially if you include the Bok choy

The Spanish Chorizo for example, gives this a sweeter and smokey flavour and because it’s already cooked, it doesn’t withstand the cooking process as well


2x chorizo sausages (if you prefer smokey, the spanish chorizo’s are much smaller)

1x chicken breast

4x spring onions

2x cloves garlic

2-3x stalks of celery

3x baby Bok choy

4x cups premium chicken stock (min sugar content if you’re in the states)

1x cup water

1x tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Handful mini pasta


Parmigiano Reggiano

Chilli if you want some extra kick


I do this all in the same pot I make the soup

Cut chicken into chunks, season, brown off, remove and cover

Roughly chop up the chorizo and cook for approx 2-3 mins till browned and has begun to release oil, remove and cover

Finely dice onion and garlic, roughly chop celery then sauté – add more oil if needed do not burn

Add stock and water, bring to boil then simmer

Add pasta, celery top w leaves, and knot together two top ends of onions

Separate, halve, and rinse off Bok choy

After ten mins add meat, remove celery tip and onion knot

Then add Bok choy and cook till it wilts (about one minute)

Before serving add parsley and a few cuts from the green end of the onion

Serve with sprinkle of parsley, good handful of parmesan, crusty bread, and a nice Shiraz

Total time: 1 hour

Feeds: 4


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