Spanish Chorizo, Pork, and Rocket Salad

November 2, 2012 — Leave a comment

OK I’ll admit it, I tend to favour the Chorizo…

As for this salad, I can’t quite remember where the impetus for it came from, I think I was wondering if red-wine vinegar would go well with pork…everything goes well with Chorizo

Either way, this is a nice in-between-seasons kind of salad, and as my butcher schooled me this morning, the ingredients also make for a good BBQ skewer

If you end up making the skewers, drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice before serving

It works best when the meat is hot and the salad chilled


300g pork fillet

2x Spanish Chorizo

Handful cherry tomatoes


1x medium red onion

1x clove garlic

2x tsp smoked paprika


1x tbs red wine vinegar

2x tsp lemon zest

Juice from a lemon

Extra virgin olive oil


Cut up the pork into bite sized pieces or strips

Place in a bowl

Add good lug of oil, the paprika, vinegar, juice from half the lemon, and crushed garlic and combine

Cover and refrigerate for an hour

In a non-stick pan heat up the rosemary in approx 1xtbs of the oil before frying off the sliced chorizo

Set aside on some kitchen paper, but keep the oil in the pan

Season pork and brown off in some oil and butter

Halve tomatoes and roughly dice the onion

Combine all ingredients with the rocket

Before serving add remaining lemon juice and zest, and give it another swig of vinegar

Time: 1 hr 25 mins


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