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March 12, 2013 — Leave a comment

In a few days I’m leaving Sydney’s summer again and heading back to New York for a year or so…emphasis on the ‘or so’…and I thought I’d post something a little nostalgic, (mostly for me to tap into on those bitterly cold days), namely some of my favourite summer eating places around Sydney.

Ash’s Table Manly

Ash’s Table is a busy cafe that sits in between the corso at Manly and North Steyne (where you go to avoid the tourists).

I often head down there mid morning to clear my head, grab a take away coffee, and enjoy views like this.

From memory they use Belaroma beans, depending upon the barista, it’s usually a pretty good coffee – I can’t speak for the food since I’ve never actually eaten there.

Pilu at Freshwater Beach

Another of Sydney’s best beaches is Harbord/Freshwater, and sitting on its edge is the fantastic Pilu.

It can be a little difficult finding a park, especially during summer, but it is well worth the effort.

The menu is mostly Sardinian and always seasonal, and their wine list is massive – definitely consult the sommelier.

You don’t rush at this restaurant, you experience the food, the view, the wine and the distance to the car grows by the hour.

Aqua Dining

Aqua Dining

Aqua Dining is a restaurant I often visited back in advertising, however I recently rediscovered it at my sister’s wedding.

This place sits under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and has spectacular views of the harbour and the Sydney Opera House, and has exceptional service.

While its menu is Italian, Aqua has always been a seafood restaurant for obvious reasons.

I’m not sure whether or not its known for it, but they also have many a tidy dessert.

I’m Angus at Cockle Bay Wharf

I’m first and foremost a carnivore and found it difficult to put up my favourite place for a good steak.

If you’re just about the steak, then there are undoubtedly better places for steak in Sydney, however I invariably end up back at I’m Angus because of the steak/location combination.

Cockle Bay Wharf during summer is always busy and if you like a bit of a people watching a table overlooking the promenade can adequately compensate for any lull in conversation.

At the end of the day there’s usually a nice breeze off the water and a little later in the evening (on Saturdays I think) there’s often a brief but spectacular fireworks display.

Balgowlah Heights Deli

Quite a while ago I lived in Balgowlah, a suburb in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and to this day I still occasionally make the 30 min drive back to the Balgowlah Heights Deli to get some of the best Tortellini Boscaiola you’ll have outside of Florence.

I’ve literally never bought anything else from here.

The sauce is not too creamy, it’s actually quite cheesy (if there’s such an adjective), there’s just enough ham, spring onion, and the pasta itself is consistently fantastico.

Last but not least,  I will miss a long running Christmas tradition that more recently involves 24 hour roast pork.

If you’ve spent any time in the Southern Hemisphere, you know that Christmas is supposed to be hot.

Barbecues, seafood, watermelon, and swimming with a full stomach are all par for the course.

But I was talking about 24 hour roast pork.

After a busy day of eating with the family, one of my long-time xmas traditions is to catch up with my old next door neighbours for a very relaxed evening to get over the day.

By the time I arrive everyone has already partaken of the said pork, but there’s always left-overs and at around 9 or 10 o’clock in the evening they show up.

It’s one of those simple pleasures, a very chilled glass of wine, melt in your mouth pork and some fine fine crackling – for me this is the perfect way to finish up Christmas and the year, and it typifies summer eating.


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