East Village – combat photography

April 19, 2013 — Leave a comment

The East Village is where I’ve spent the majority of my time in NYC, and while my more conservative angels would prefer to move to the relaxed Upper West or East Side, the East Village is home for now – despite the rubbish and the many nutters, it manages to slowly trap you with its wily charms.

I’ve posted before about some of my favourite places to eat in the neighbourhood, I haven’t found anymore gems, but thankfully I did find another great coffee spot.

As these pictures hopefully illustrate, much of the East Village’s charm lies in its eclectic architecture, however for me I think it’s the fact there is no one ‘typical’ resident, and the way everyone is accepted in spite of their perceived threat or psychosis, stemming from what I perceive to be a strong parochial tie and sense of ownership.

When you walk into a new block you can be presented with a quiet suburban street housing a colourful cow, a row of five or six Japanese, Indian, or Ukrainian restaurants dotted among colourful residential buildings, a strip of bars, a school – it’s a fantastic part of town to just walk around with a camera.

You may need to dodge the odd high hipster, drunk NYU student, food delivery bicycle – one evening I ended up in between an old lady wildly swinging her walking stick trying to belt some guy who’d accused her of stealing – but invariably the most life threatening aspect of East Village are the cab drivers.

The pizza place in the picture below is not bad if you’re hungry and like thick pizza, some of my good friends have developed an addiction so this has become a regular haunt.

Hopefully by early next month I’ll have a kitchen again and will be able to start some proper food posts – either that or I’m going to have to start a book on finding a place to live in NYC!

East 12th Street

2nd Ave Pizza

East 11th Public Baths, now a photography studio

East Village wildlife

The border of East Village and Noho looking back up to midtown

East 11th Street construction

East 11th Street

Speaks for itself really

The deceptive Sty Town

It wasn’t…


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