Autumn in Sydney

April 27, 2013 — 2 Comments

I was looking through some of my old photos from a recent trip to Sydney and decided to post some of the pics.

I was there during autumn, one of the best times of year in Sydney, especially when you’re anywhere near the water – you can spend most of the day in the sun and not burn to a crisp.

A friend was up from Melbourne for a couple of days and wanted to see the harbour so we went and took a ferry from Manly to the city.

As is the case you always forget to take advantage of what’s right on your doorstep, I hadn’t used the ferry in years, and was blown away once again by the spectacular nature of Sydney Harbour.

I must admit, it made me just a little nostalgic.

North Steyne

Manly Beach

Waiting for the ferry

Manly Ferry

Sailing near the heads

Sydney Harbour on approach

You can make out the tiny island once used as a prison – aptly named ‘pinch-gut’

The Opera House

The Opera House

Circular Quay Station

The busy Circular Quay

Museum of Contemporary Art

The lower walkway to the Opera House

The view from one of my favourite restaurants


2 responses to Autumn in Sydney


    Great shots =) Thanks for sharing

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