When I was working in a production company a few years back, every Friday morning I would troll through the net to find interesting industry articles to help keep us and our clients up to date

The subsequent email got named Farbs Friday Research – Australians have a tendency to shorten words where possible and Farbs is a short version of my surname

Because the process allowed me to search for things that I found interesting and because I got to write quippy snippets that were amusing at least to me, it seemed an apt descriptor for this blog, which has become a necessary creative outlet for me over the last few years, particularly on Friday afternoons

This undoubtedly is a spillover from having worked in advertising where Friday afternoons meant a mandatory long lunch requiring a few glasses of wine!

A lot of the recipes on here stem from the significant Hungarian influence on food when I was growing up, consequently I like meals that take a little longer to prepare and desserts – whenever I went to my grandmother’s house I was force-fed a kaleidoscope of rich cakes and sweets

I don’t subscribe to the view recipes should be suppressed, rather, like a good wine, meals taste that much better when shared with family and friends

Consequently, this blog is more of a record of some of the dishes I have been gradually honing over the last few years, some ‘experimental’ recipes, and some of the more definitive meals that I can’t do without

I hope it results in many a shared meal!


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