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Almond Banana and CocunutThis cake was a bit of an ad hoc experiment that surprisingly turned out well…after three failed attempts

I think it stemmed in part from my penchant for banana bread and probably from me being bored one afternoon and finding most of these ingredients in the pantry

The banana and almond flavours are quite subtle and it’s a sweet cake that ends up with a slightly chewy but soft shell

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If you happen to have a few lemons that need to be used up, this is a pretty good solution

I grew up eating lemon butter or lemon curd (depending upon your hemisphere), much to my chagrin I discovered my mother used to make it in a microwave, but as much as I don’t like to admit it, it did taste pretty good

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I was looking for something to eat in my freezer this week and discovered a bag containing a botched attempt at almond biscuits…250 grams worth to be precise

It also happened to be a good friend’s birthday so I made the only logical conclusion in such a scenario – baked ricotta and marscarpone cheesecake!

As far as cheesecake’s go, I consider this to be a fairly savoury one, but it does get better with age

Next time I make it I’ll experiment with some golden syrup and perhaps some coconut in the base and I reckon a super-concentrated, super-tart, and super-sweet berry reduction would go really well with this too…in the interests of furthering the world’s knowledge Continue Reading…


June 15, 2012 — 1 Comment

I remember my dad eating Guglhupf for breakfast when I was a kid – when I enquired as to why he was allowed to have cake for breakfast, he responded matter-of-factly this was a bread where he came from and he was just getting in touch with his roots – devastating because I wasn’t allowed to have it for breakfast because it was cake!

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I have my sister and her fiance coming over for lunch so I thought I’d make this cake which was a favourite of ours growing up – mum would only make it once a year, she said it was because it’s a finicky cake, but I’m guessing it had more to do with the amount of sugar and butter in it.

This is the only cake I’d gladly have a go at eating the whole lot in a sitting…it’s all-time.

My mother tells me the recipe originated from a Hungarian lady called Mrs Bokor who’d come out with lots of other Hungarians to build the Snowy Mountain Authority Hydro after the Second World War.  Mrs Bokor used to sell it to my Grandmother who eventually asked for the recipe.  Apparently she used to put the icing on the side and put a genache on the top…Hungarians and their dessert!

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Whenever I make crepes I always have about half a cup of hazelnut meal left over.  Not being one to waste food, I felt it necessary to find a dessert recipe to use it up!

Unless you can finish off a packet of Tim Tam’s in a sitting, I recommend you make this cake with friends in mind, it’s pretty rich.

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Banana Bread

February 9, 2012 — 5 Comments

P1000672When I’m studying, I find I need to break the day into chunks – breakfast, read and write for 3 hours, walk to shops to buy supplies, cook lunch, eat lunch and watch an episode of a tv series, read and write for 3 hours, afternoon tea, read and write till I have to go out, or something good is on TV…an unlikely scenario so far this year!  With such brain numbing tasks, coupled with exercise, afternoon tea unsurprisingly requires sugar.

Now I do have somewhat of a sweet tooth, but I try and keep most desserts relatively decent and only occasionally verge into the decadent.  This banana bread probably sits somewhere in between, but tastes like it’s decent…and bananas are cheap again – win! Continue Reading…