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P1010242It’s the weekend, you’re feeling a bit lazy, you have a few bits and pieces in the fridge, and a couple of beers…how hard can it be to make sausage rolls?

Not that easy apparently

If you want the really easy option just buy some sausages, take off the casings, and wrap them up in some pastry – but then you would miss out on the curiously satisfying sensation of plunging your hands into a messy combination of pork mince, herbs, and egg…maybe that’s just me Continue Reading…


and eating….

February 2, 2013 — 3 Comments

It’s probably unsurprising given my last post I’ve been craving some home cooking and something healthy, and thankfully I’ve managed to find a couple of places that serve up my kind of home-style food.

Bond Street is one of my favourite streets in NYC, I think it’s the architecture and cobble stones, but the restaurants and retail stores help – if I had a spare coupla million bucks I’d move there in a flash.

Bond Street2

Bond Street NYC

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Chicken Schnitzel

September 28, 2012 — 1 Comment

No posts for a few weeks, lot of essay writing on Yemen, Somalia, and whether or not the US and China are destined to butt heads

But also lots of experimenting on chocolate frosting, devilled sausages, warm spring salads, and beef tortillas

They’ll come a bit later on with any luck, today though a nice and easy recipe

It’s possible I may be castigated by some members of my family for posting this before covering off the Wiener Schnitzel, but I have never actually attempted a proper Hungarian creamed spinach to go with it, so I will need to knock that on the head first…maybe even some pickled cucumber Continue Reading…

If you happen to have a few lemons that need to be used up, this is a pretty good solution

I grew up eating lemon butter or lemon curd (depending upon your hemisphere), much to my chagrin I discovered my mother used to make it in a microwave, but as much as I don’t like to admit it, it did taste pretty good

Nevertheless, I prefer to make this by hand, for some reason I find the process therapeutic Continue Reading…

I was looking for something to eat in my freezer this week and discovered a bag containing a botched attempt at almond biscuits…250 grams worth to be precise

It also happened to be a good friend’s birthday so I made the only logical conclusion in such a scenario – baked ricotta and marscarpone cheesecake!

As far as cheesecake’s go, I consider this to be a fairly savoury one, but it does get better with age

Next time I make it I’ll experiment with some golden syrup and perhaps some coconut in the base and I reckon a super-concentrated, super-tart, and super-sweet berry reduction would go really well with this too…in the interests of furthering the world’s knowledge Continue Reading…

A good friend reminded me of this dessert a few weeks back, and after having just savouring a plate, I’m grateful for the reminder!

If you’re feeling a little less than motivated but have a craving for something sweet, this chocolate sandwich melt is just about the easiest dessert ever

I love the hot and cold contrast and the slight fruity tang from the bread, followed by a considerable hit of sweetness from the oozing chocolate that comes in a little bit after the ice cream Continue Reading…


June 1, 2012 — 4 Comments

This Goulash typifies comfort food to me and is up the top of my all-time list

It’s a great dish for any season, but a perfect one on the first day of winter!

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I have two assignments due this week which isn’t necessarily conducive to healthy eating as I attempt to meet both deadlines

With classes on at night, lunch too comes under pressure

Add to that the creeping in of cooler weather and the odd flash-flood here in Sydney, I resorted to an old faithful

I’ve made this many, many times, it’s quick to make, and (after having used up all of my eloquence on an essay) tastes great

It’s kind of like a short-cut version of a roast dinner

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I have my sister and her fiance coming over for lunch so I thought I’d make this cake which was a favourite of ours growing up – mum would only make it once a year, she said it was because it’s a finicky cake, but I’m guessing it had more to do with the amount of sugar and butter in it.

This is the only cake I’d gladly have a go at eating the whole lot in a sitting…it’s all-time.

My mother tells me the recipe originated from a Hungarian lady called Mrs Bokor who’d come out with lots of other Hungarians to build the Snowy Mountain Authority Hydro after the Second World War.  Mrs Bokor used to sell it to my Grandmother who eventually asked for the recipe.  Apparently she used to put the icing on the side and put a genache on the top…Hungarians and their dessert!

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Speaking of crepes.  I mentioned in an earlier post this was the first thing I ever had a crack at cooking. Since then, I’ve been trying to find the perfect crepe recipe, but there are way too many.  The one I’ve settled on however, matches all of my criteria – golden, delicate, and rich – as in, when I look at them several internal early warning good sense systems start to go off.

I rarely make savoury crepes, probably because I was exposed to this hazelnut and lemon dessert version from such a young age, but I’ve included a ‘thicker’ recipe if you prefer the savoury kind.  I’ve also added another filling option that is a little less healthy – its great, but this hazelnut combo is an absolute surefire winner.

If you want more than 10 crepes, you can double the recipe, but as I discovered with some good friends researching for this blog entry, with crepes, there’s always room for further experimentation…for the sake of posterity!  Which reminds me, my Grandmother used to make a layered chocolate crepe cake… Continue Reading…