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Chicken Schnitzel

September 28, 2012 — 1 Comment

No posts for a few weeks, lot of essay writing on Yemen, Somalia, and whether or not the US and China are destined to butt heads

But also lots of experimenting on chocolate frosting, devilled sausages, warm spring salads, and beef tortillas

They’ll come a bit later on with any luck, today though a nice and easy recipe

It’s possible I may be castigated by some members of my family for posting this before covering off the Wiener Schnitzel, but I have never actually attempted a proper Hungarian creamed spinach to go with it, so I will need to knock that on the head first…maybe even some pickled cucumber Continue Reading…


Bit of an essay writing week this week, which means endless hours in front of my computer and forgetting to do the little things like go shopping

Essay writing and seclusion increases the need for bulk cooking, which was problematic when I looked into my meagre fridge  – mince, stale bread, an egg, and some parmesan

The prep time caused some concern, but between that and the quick trip to my local shops I was able to successfully string together a good session of procrastination

Now, Dr Google tells me meatballs and spaghetti recipes can be a controversial thing, so at the risk of offending, here’s mine Continue Reading…

This Chicken Chorizo soup sits between a few different continents but if you like a bit of spice and a bit of weight to your soups, you’ll probably overlook the contradictions!

Consulting Dr Google, I didn’t realise how many different versions of Chorizo there are – I can’t say I’ve tried all of these, but have concluded the spicy works better than the smokey, especially if you include the Bok choy

The Spanish Chorizo for example, gives this a sweeter and smokey flavour and because it’s already cooked, it doesn’t withstand the cooking process as well Continue Reading…

I made this for the first time yesterday, and while I normally only post recipes that have been tried and tested, this one, as they say, is going straight to the pool room

This kind of food only increases my love for slow cooking – you need time to develop flavour and this has tonnes of it

You could make it with a packet-mix in about an hour…but nothing tastes as good as slow cooked meat that is beginning to fall apart!

Continue Reading…

Had a bit of a flu this week which made it quite difficult to figure out for example, if India’s security policy will adversely affect Australia and Indonesia’s security interests

I can understand why many a leader has gotten a daily vitamin B shot – Codral messes with your brain

Anyway this is the food blog, so back to the soup

This is a pretty healthy and tasty way to up your vitamins and warm the cockles

I guess if you wanted it even healthier you could use vegetable stock and no spec…but really, why would you do that?!

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I have two assignments due this week which isn’t necessarily conducive to healthy eating as I attempt to meet both deadlines

With classes on at night, lunch too comes under pressure

Add to that the creeping in of cooler weather and the odd flash-flood here in Sydney, I resorted to an old faithful

I’ve made this many, many times, it’s quick to make, and (after having used up all of my eloquence on an essay) tastes great

It’s kind of like a short-cut version of a roast dinner

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I’ve made this for quite a while now and its become a bit of a favourite

It takes some commitment though, you can’t really leave once you’ve started cooking, but the recipe forces you to open a nice bottle of wine…

The base is key for this, I’d happily eat the risotto without the chicken or mushroom, but they do add nice additional flavour

To stir or agitate?

When you put in the rice it tends to stick to the bottom, I agitate with the liquid to dislodge – once well into it I stir, especially at the end

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Speaking of crepes.  I mentioned in an earlier post this was the first thing I ever had a crack at cooking. Since then, I’ve been trying to find the perfect crepe recipe, but there are way too many.  The one I’ve settled on however, matches all of my criteria – golden, delicate, and rich – as in, when I look at them several internal early warning good sense systems start to go off.

I rarely make savoury crepes, probably because I was exposed to this hazelnut and lemon dessert version from such a young age, but I’ve included a ‘thicker’ recipe if you prefer the savoury kind.  I’ve also added another filling option that is a little less healthy – its great, but this hazelnut combo is an absolute surefire winner.

If you want more than 10 crepes, you can double the recipe, but as I discovered with some good friends researching for this blog entry, with crepes, there’s always room for further experimentation…for the sake of posterity!  Which reminds me, my Grandmother used to make a layered chocolate crepe cake… Continue Reading…

Lamenting Sydney’s ordinary summer on yet another rainy day, I thought I’d cook something up that I associate (in my mind at least), with summer.  Conjuring up visions of hot afternoons waiting for a southerly, bbq’s, and fresh watermelon slices waiting as you finish a swim, I broke out the griddle.

These lamb rissoles are Mediterranean-ish, and can be as hot or mild as you like.  They go well with a full-blown meat-fest bbq as well as a salad…and cos they’re rissoles, you can always knock one off later for a snack!

A good Greek or potato salad goes well with these, but I prefer the meat-fest option with some watermelon on the side…and perhaps a chilled pale ale. Continue Reading…

Roast Chicken Sandwich

January 30, 2012 — Leave a comment

Roast Chicken SandwichThis chicken sandwich is an absolute staple over summer.  It’s quick, tastes great, and is dead simple to make

It’s a smaller version of a sandwich I used to buy from a hole-in-the-wall shop in North Sydney.  They only made three or four types of sandwiches but always had a line because they used fantastic bread, super-fresh ingredients, and kept it simple.

I started making it when I was working out of the home office of some friends of mine and it was always on high rotation, usually followed by some Frosty Fruits. Continue Reading…