Let them eat cake

January 2, 2013 — 4 Comments

No posts from me for a while, I’ve extended my stay in New York for a few months and during that time I’m minus a kitchen…which is beginning to drive me a little nuts

Nevertheless, according to the WordPress people, the most popular post for Farbs Friday Research in 2012 was this cake


So I’ll take that on board and devote more of 2013 to finishing some of the experimental cakes I started last year…and somehow manage to not eat most of them

Have a great year!


It could have been procrastination brought on by a looming theory essay, but a slow-cooked meal increased in appeal this week

Of course you don’t need to take the time to make this meal, you can use a sirloin or fillet cut, which take no cooking at all, but in my humble opinion, you should always slow cook! Continue Reading…

OK I’ll admit it, I tend to favour the Chorizo…

As for this salad, I can’t quite remember where the impetus for it came from, I think I was wondering if red-wine vinegar would go well with pork…everything goes well with Chorizo

Either way, this is a nice in-between-seasons kind of salad, and as my butcher schooled me this morning, the ingredients also make for a good BBQ skewer Continue Reading…

Tuna and Basil Pasta

October 12, 2012 — Leave a comment

Its possible the use of tinned tuna may offend some purists out there, but this recipe has a bit of a story to it so the tin stays

Around 2001 I left advertising and had a period of about nine months where I wasn’t working, which significantly affected my diet – bear in mind a key part of my job was to entertain clients and media reps so I ate well and I ate out a lot

During that 9 months my diet largely consisted of tuna pasta – so much so, for a long time I couldn’t face the prospect of eating it

Nevertheless, I did manage to eventually work up a decent version – when I first started it was two minute noodles with tuna and onion, so it has come a long way Continue Reading…

Chicken Schnitzel

September 28, 2012 — 1 Comment

No posts for a few weeks, lot of essay writing on Yemen, Somalia, and whether or not the US and China are destined to butt heads

But also lots of experimenting on chocolate frosting, devilled sausages, warm spring salads, and beef tortillas

They’ll come a bit later on with any luck, today though a nice and easy recipe

It’s possible I may be castigated by some members of my family for posting this before covering off the Wiener Schnitzel, but I have never actually attempted a proper Hungarian creamed spinach to go with it, so I will need to knock that on the head first…maybe even some pickled cucumber Continue Reading…

If you happen to have a few lemons that need to be used up, this is a pretty good solution

I grew up eating lemon butter or lemon curd (depending upon your hemisphere), much to my chagrin I discovered my mother used to make it in a microwave, but as much as I don’t like to admit it, it did taste pretty good

Nevertheless, I prefer to make this by hand, for some reason I find the process therapeutic Continue Reading…

I was looking for something to eat in my freezer this week and discovered a bag containing a botched attempt at almond biscuits…250 grams worth to be precise

It also happened to be a good friend’s birthday so I made the only logical conclusion in such a scenario – baked ricotta and marscarpone cheesecake!

As far as cheesecake’s go, I consider this to be a fairly savoury one, but it does get better with age

Next time I make it I’ll experiment with some golden syrup and perhaps some coconut in the base and I reckon a super-concentrated, super-tart, and super-sweet berry reduction would go really well with this too…in the interests of furthering the world’s knowledge Continue Reading…

Bit of an essay writing week this week, which means endless hours in front of my computer and forgetting to do the little things like go shopping

Essay writing and seclusion increases the need for bulk cooking, which was problematic when I looked into my meagre fridge  – mince, stale bread, an egg, and some parmesan

The prep time caused some concern, but between that and the quick trip to my local shops I was able to successfully string together a good session of procrastination

Now, Dr Google tells me meatballs and spaghetti recipes can be a controversial thing, so at the risk of offending, here’s mine Continue Reading…

A good friend reminded me of this dessert a few weeks back, and after having just savouring a plate, I’m grateful for the reminder!

If you’re feeling a little less than motivated but have a craving for something sweet, this chocolate sandwich melt is just about the easiest dessert ever

I love the hot and cold contrast and the slight fruity tang from the bread, followed by a considerable hit of sweetness from the oozing chocolate that comes in a little bit after the ice cream Continue Reading…

So for the last few weeks I’ve been in the US where the temperature was regularly pushing 40 (100 if you’re that way inclined), so when I came back to Sydney’s winter (not cold say for Sweden), I nevertheless started to feel like Leo at the end of Titanic and needed something aside from liquid warmth

While this isn’t necessarily the healthiest recipe, (I’ll post some healthier ones at some stage), it really does warm the cockles on a cold day Continue Reading…